About McGregor Fly Fishing


Our team at McGregor Fly Fishing view the 'gentle art' as a spiritual experience which we want to help our clients enjoy as much as we do. From diverse backgrounds - professional fly-fishing, architecture, journalism, design, engineering, marketing - we are all bound by a life-long passion for what, in the 17th century, Izaak Walton, the 'father' of fishermen, called a complex craft, 'so like the mathematics that it can never be fully learnt; at least not so fully but that there will still be more new experiments left for the trial of other men that succeed us.' The aim of our founder, Chairman and CEO, Gregor McGregor, is to share his and his colleagues' love affair with fly-fishing by offering fishers worldwide the opportunity to acquire the best equipment at affordable prices, and take Izaak's vision forwards. Our team spans generations, thus bringing to the company experience, but also youth, energy and fresh thinking about our planet and the way we indulge our enthusiasm for fishing the fly.


Gregor McGregor, BA Hons, M Phil, Chairman, started fishing at the age of four (six decades ago!) and believes every day spent fly-fishing adds a day to your life!

George Ramsbottom, Deputy Chairman, (also Director of a major consulting engineering company) who has been a self-acknowledged 'fly-fishing nut' for over 40 years.

Mirjana McGregor, independent consultant at HOSPITALITY DESIGN CONSULTANCY SERVICE and Senior Associate at Aedas Interiors.  She casts a very straight line, thanks to tuition by her husband, Gregor, and has devised the carefully thought-through colour theming of our brand and its website.  She is working on the female fishing apparel which our company will soon offer.  Why should the millions of female fishers across the planet wear the same clothes as their male counterparts!?


Matt Newton, PhD, Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment, Univeristy of Glasgow, Loch Lomond.  Expert in aquaculture, ichthyology, fishery management and stocks monitoring and conservation.  He casts like an angel and has helped greatly in field-testing our ranges. Matt has fished ever since he can remember, and has fished at both National and International levels for the England Youth Fly-Fishing team, competing at world championships in both the Czech Republic and Portugal.
Dr Ruffina Thilakaratne, Asst. Professor in Sustainability, Accredited Professional member of US Green Building Council, member of HK BEAM Society for Sustainability.  Ruffina is committed to helping McGregor Fly Fishing to be truly environment-friendly.  For instance, our packaging will be sturdy, attractive and simple and produced from recycled materials wherever possible.  The savings made here will be passed on to the client!


In addition, we have had the support of a network of professional fly-fishermen and guides in a dozen destinations across the globe who have assisted greatly in developing the best possible equipment for our customers. Too numerous to list here, we are nevertheless very grateful to them and look forward to co-operating with them in the future.
The earliest recorded use of an artificial fly to catch fish 'of speckled hue' (no doubt brown trout) comes down to us from the author Claudius Aelianus in his encyclopaedia 'De natura animalium', written in the 3rd century AD. He watched Macedonian fishers use simple flies tied from horse-hair to outwit the trout of the river Astreus, something their forebears had been doing for generations immemorial. Fly-fishers of the world have come a long way since then in understanding their quarry and devising increasingly sophisticated tackle to outsmart it. McGregor Fly Fishing is committed to perpetuating that process. At the same time, in order to preserve a tradition one has to ensure that its core values endure. Our team will cherish what is best in that tradition but embrace advances which take it forwards. Our tackle will draw on design features developed over decades, even centuries, but incorporate the latest refinements and exploit the newest of technologies to achieve perfection in performance.