With the Salmon fishing kicking off all around the Northern Hemisphere in the coming months, here is something to wet your appetite with a quick round up from a trip in the back end of 2013 for McGregor fly. Four days were to be had in the second week of November on the Ladykirk and Boleside beats on the River Tweed in the Scottish Boarders

Over the four days, I took 11 fish to the fly. All fished were safely released to continue their migrations. Below is a series of pictures of some good catch and release practice, the fish was only out of water for a matter of seconds!

Taking the fish from the net


Lift for a Photo

Cheese! And release…

This was one of 8 fish for the day from the Boleside beat, River Tweed. These included two 15’s a 14lb, 12lb, 2 x10lb, and two around the 8/9lb mark. All fish were taken on a three inch brass Willie Gunn.

Willie Gunn Tube

Getting Deep!  The Boleside is a heavily fished beat with 5 rods for 5 days a week throughout the season. Yes there are a lot of fish, the water was boiling when we were there, however people can struggle to catch. In the morning I had taken the Ghillies advice regards flies: Small black and red tubes fished on a fast sink tip. However I felt my fly wasn’t getting in amongst the fish, end of day one I switch to the 3 inch brass willie gunn, a big fly and difficult to cast, yet produced a fish almost instantly. Day 2 I was prepared and went straight to the Willie Gunn, fish instantly and all day long, numerous dropped fish plus the 8 to the bank. It goes to show, stick with your gut feeling and do something different. At the end of the day people could not belive what I had been fishing with, yet they had stuck with the same fly and only caught a fish each!

Another solid hen fish (wading boot is a size 12 for scale)

Throughout the trip I was perplexed by anglers disappointment at the lack of fresh fish! Given that the majority of salmon fishing throughout the UK was in its final few weeks, the vast majority of fish will have been in the rivers for sometime now and well coloured. However talk over lunch and at the end of the day left me perplexed with fellow anglers being dissappointed and almost angry at the fact there were no fresh fish in the river. Yes there maybe the odd one, but seriously respect the fish you are catching, learn the life cycle, understand what is happening in the river. If you are looking for fresh fish, come in June or July, not November. Many people would also question the fact that fishing is allowed to run on so late towards the spawning period, myself included, particularly when I landed the fish below which had potentially already spawned

A very slim looking hen fish

The weather at this time of year leaves for some stunning scenery with the temperature dropping and trees turning golden, on the final evening we were treated to a stunning sunset over the river of vivid red. Apologies for the quality, It was taken mid river with a camera phone, through a pair of polarising sunglasses!

Throughout the trip the McGregor 13’8 #9/10 was put through its paces and handled the casting, particularly the large tubes exceptionally. It was matched up with the McGregor reel for a perfect balance to enable seamless casting in hard conditions during the course of the four days http://www.mcgregorfly.com/products/rods/13-8-lw9-10-4-pc-dh.html