NEW! Skagit shooting heads 525-650 gr and sinking Spey lines (5ips) now available!
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McGREGOR FLY lines have been developed and designed to give perfection in performance with our rods and reels. Offering excellent value for money and incorporating the latest and finest materials available, the very extensive range allows the fisher to cover all fly-fishing conditions and challenges, right across the globe. Regardless of experience, he or she will find greater distances easier to achieve and line control effortless, no matter what casting method being used. The ultra-supple coating ensures they are memory-free for outstanding presentation and the durable exposed loops mean the problem of coating being stripped away will never occur. Changing your rig has never been easier. The lines come in attractive, environment-friendly packaging to support our commitment to sustainability.

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  1. Weight Forward

    Weight Forward


    McGREGOR FLY Weight Forward Line with exposed loop connection
  2. Double Taper

    Double Taper


    McGREGOR FLY Double Taper Line
  3. Double-hand Shooting Head

    Double-hand Shooting Head


    McGREGOR FLY Double Hand Shooting Head Line
  4. Single-hand Shooting Head

    Single-hand Shooting Head


    McGREGOR FLY Single Hand Shooting Head Line
  5. Double-hand Shooting Line

    Double-hand Shooting Line


    McGREGOR FLY Double Handed Shooting Line
  6. Single-hand Shooting Line

    Single-hand Shooting Line


    McGREGOR FLY Single Handed Shooting Line
  7. Multi-shooting Head

    Multi-shooting Head


    McGREGOR FLY Floating Shooting line with four shooting heads.
  8. Nymphing



    McGREGOR FLY WF Nymphing line with high-viz tip.
  9. Super Spey

    Super Spey


    McGREGOR FLY Super Spey Line
  10. Classic Spey

    Classic Spey


    McGREGOR FLY Classic Spey Line


Items 1-10 of 13


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